Our Values

Committing to the En Roue Libre approach means proving our actions by example…

Here are some examples of the ways in which professionals are committing to the values of En Roue Libre.

Balbuzard pêcheur
L.M. Preau - CRT Centre-Val de Loire


Introducing your clients to the respect of nature.
Being environmentally friendly
Encouraging ecological ways of moving around.

“We are committed to responsible tourism and make every effort to preserve the natural areas we go through. Our expeditions (or trips) are limited to a small number of people in order to preserve the authenticity and the integrity of the places that we go through. The explorations we offer aim to be as energy autonomous as possible and to respect the principles of “no traces” and “zero-waste”. One percent of Destination H2o proceeds go to the association One Percent for the Planet.” – Destination H2o

“Products destined for our clients are organic. Green Care cleaning products used in bedrooms and in the restaurant are also organic.” – Auberge du Bon Laboureur

“The Gîte de Parcius has installed a natural sanitation system, comprising basins with flowers and reeds. The swimming pool is a natural swimming basin which functions on a closed circuit… the water of the natural skimmer in which fish and water lilies live is pumped back to the filtration zone composed of pozzolan and aquatic plants. Once filtered, the water runs towards the natural swimming basin. It then exits it through a waterfall which sends the water back to the natural skimmer.” – Elisa Gallet, Le Gîte de Parcius

“We support ecological methods of transport by encouraging the use of public transport. Train line: Paris Montparnasse – Le Mans, stop at La Loupe (1 hour 30 minutes from Paris and 1 hour 20 minutes from Le Mans). Depending on our availability, we can come and pick you up at the train station.” – Jardin Solstice

“Our guest house is bioclimatic. Here, we do not use any solvents, glues or other toxic products and electrical pollutants.” – Meublé Harmonies

Touraine Terre d'histoire
Touraine Terre d'Histoire


Sharing our region and passions 
Teaching our skills 
Encouraging discussion  

“The good taste of nature… Come and discover the secrets of edible wild plants at the heart of the Chinon forest, an unspoilt natural site. Your guide will introduce you to the art of botany, to responsible plant picking and will provide you with nutritional advice. You will then have the chance of enjoying a country-style buffet in a friendly atmosphere!” – Touraine Terre d’Histoire

“We invite you to come and discover the fascinating world of bees, thanks to the beehives we have securely set up within our lands.” – Camping Les Saules

“At the Montbazon fortress, discover the arts and crafts of the Middle Ages through workshops which will enable you to leave with your own creation in hand.”– Forteresse de Montbazon

“As an astronomy enthusiast, I make the most of this place – which is both isolated and protected against light pollution – to gaze at the night sky. In our hamlet, neighbouring lights are fairly distant. We can enjoy the nights with perfect weather conditions.” – Sébastien, Jardin Solstice

Loisirs Loire Valley


Taking the time to welcome people. 
Disconnecting from your daily lives, relaxing. 
Encouraging the awakening of our senses.  

“Many advantages to welcome you the best possible way: welcome tray, hot drinks, common room with fireplace, packed lunches, bike hire…” Chambres d’hôtes L’Échappée Belle

“The Nature & Liberté trail enables you to hike bare foot. Pine cones, tree bark, sand and pebbles will tickle your feet and perhaps offer you new sensations.” – Sentier Pieds Nus

“To satisfy and answer your needs, our team of experts now offer beauty treatments in double-booths, four handed massages, hypnosis and “organic” well-being hairdressing. – Centre Aussi Vrai que Nature

Fromage le trèfle du Perche
T. Martrou - CRT Centre-Val de Loire


Supporting direct sales and local produce 
Forming a bond with professionals in the region  

“We favour organic or local produce…”. “At reception, you will find a selection of local and organic produce (goat’s cheese, duck terrines…) to create your own snack or light meal on the go. You will also find a sample of drinks (home-made cider and apple juice, Sancerre wines, Chablis, Coteaux du Giennois…). This selection varies according to the time of year.” – Family Ecolodge

“Beyond our work as gardeners, we would like to highlight how crucial it is to have knowledge, understanding and love… To our delight, Boris Gilbert accepted our invitation to come to the Domaine to share his science and passion with our visitors. Boris Gilbert, from L’Atelier Mieliste, is a beekeeper in Neuvy sur Barangeon. His beekeeping is simple and non-intensive. He looks after bee colonies, while respecting their rhythm and natural development.” – Le Domaine de Poulaines