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No matter the season, from April to October, enjoy a getaway for two relaxing days in Perche as soon as you get a chance.

Bois Landry is the perfect place to escape daily life, get some fresh air and enjoy some time as a couple or with family or friends. And make no mistake, you don’t need to come from far away to love it… It’s tried and tested by locals like myself as well!

Domain of Bois Landry

If you manage to arrive by early afternoon, why not explore Bois Landry by bike! No need to work up too much of a sweat with the e-bikes available. Take the time to stop and soak in the nature surrounding you. Go at your own speed, enjoying the fresh air and recharging your batteries! Once you’ve finished your little ride, head to the reception desk at Domain of Bois Landry.

The team will welcome you warmly and explain how your experience will unfold. A map will help you get your bearings in the forest and find your cabin. A quick lesson on safety and putting on your harness, and you’re ready to embark on your adventure! With your backpack and map, time to set out to discover the site and find your cabin. You can choose the cabin that’s right for you. There are multiple levels of difficulty and options for all preferences! So, there you are, at the bottom of a huge ladder…

We opted for the Cherry cabin, which was 8 metres high. Once you climb up there, you feel like you’re in another world! No water, no electricity, a few candles and a double bed – no need for anything else to enjoy this magical, ultra-relaxing moment…

For dinner, you can choose between the dine-in menu or a little trip to Auberge de l’Abbaye de Thiron-Gardais. Just a few minutes’ drive away, in a sumptuous setting, you can enjoy a unique cuisine made from products from the local terroir. Trust us!

After a restful night’s sleep to the sounds of the forest, you will be gently awoken by birdsong. Around 9 am, breakfast arrives – a basket of local products with a hot drink, pastries, jams, honey, yoghurt and apple juice. What a treat! The perfect way to get energised and start the day.

A fully equipped shared bathroom is available 24/7, so you can have a hot shower before the day begins.

Equicoaching Emilie et Ocean © Camille Lambert

Enjoy the surrounding nature

The setting is so magnificent that we can’t resist a morning stroll through the forest. The Quatre-Frères Nature Trail is perfect to discover the domain’s remarkable trees and sunken paths. You can choose a range of different distances, as you prefer. And for your picnic, why not take a basket of products from the Perche terroir and Bois Landry, which you can enjoy at the foot of a tree!

In the afternoon, head to the Saint-Victor Stables, for a different kind of experience with Camille – self-discovery with horses. This is an adventure that’s accessible to everyone, whether you’re a horse-rider or not. It all happens on the ground, so you don’t need any equestrian expertise. This time, it’s not the horse who will be working, but rather you – and you won’t even realise! The aim is to understand how our attitude, body language and emotions influence the people around us and our relationships with others. Learn to understand and feel better about yourself, whether at a personal or professional level. Camille is there to guide and support you in this journey to the self. It may seem a bit airy-fairy, it’s not very easy to explain but all I can say is that you have to try it. After I did it myself, I immediately wanted to do it again and go deeper, to know myself better, feel more self-assured and strengthen my confidence in myself. Even as a horse-rider, I had never experienced this side of horses. They reflect our emotions just like a mirror!

I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

On this weekend, recharge your batteries, get insight into another side of yourself and be surprised! Time seems to stand still, with stunning nature that will do you good.

On the practical side of things, these experiences are available from April to the end of October. Remember to contact Domain of Bois Landry and Saint-Victor Stables if you want to be sure that your dates are available. You can also ask them about getting to Perche by train, which is very easy. They will be able to provide advice and answer any questions you might have about planning your trip.

Cabane Passerelle des Demoiselles
CDT 28
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Les Cabanes du Bois-Landry
Traditional cuisine
Auberge de l'Abbaye
Emilie B Office de Tourisme Perche Loupéen et Thironnais

I am a Perche native, born and raised, but I have travelled a lot, mainly overseas, and I also lived in the south of France. However, in the end, I felt drawn to come back to my roots. There are so many treasures around us here. I love sharing them with others and witnessing their pleasure in returning to Perche.

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