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Are you a lover of history and discovery? Would you like to explore the marvels of the Loire châteaux in a new way? Discover the prestigious châteaux of Chambord, Blois, Loches, Amboise and Chinon with HistoPad, a tablet which brings you a new visitor experience in augmented reality. Follow the guide and embark on an adventure!

A virtual immersion in the history of the Loire châteaux

Meet the HistoPad! HistoPad may look like an ordinary tablet, but it is a technological gem. Its built-in application provides a virtual immersion in certain areas of the site you are visiting. Pick up your HistoPad on admission to the monument and let it guide you through your visit. Find the terminals located in certain areas along the visit and present your tablet to download a virtual animation related to your surroundings.

Browse the screen to continue – you’ll discover the area you’re in as it was during the Renaissance or in the centuries before. Interactive points provide information on historical facts, architectural details, objects and people…all connected to the area you find yourself in. Thanks to its augmented reality, this device gives you a better insight into places and their history. No need to be a technological genius! Browsing on the HistoPad is simple, intuitive and user-friendly for everyone.

That’s for an overview of the device. The advantage of the HistoPad is that it allows you to explore the specificities of each of the Loire’s five châteaux. Here’s a review!

Léonard de Serres - Domaine National de Chambord

The Château de Chambord, a masterpiece designed by François I

The splendid Château de Chambord takes you back to the reign of François I. It was François I himself who ordered the castle to be built. At present, eight rooms of this architectural jewel have been recreated just as they were in the 16th century. Among them, the magnificent State Room, the king’s courtroom or the room specially furnished for Charles V’s visit to the château in 1539.  

The decision of François decision to welcome Emperor Charles V to Chambord was no coincidence – his intention was to dazzle his rival, and he no doubt succeeded!

The tablet also provides interactive maps of the château, to help you find your way around. See the visitor’s guide also, it takes you on an audio-guided tour through 24 rooms open to the public and presents the history of the collections.


The Royal Château of Blois in all its facets !

The specificity of the Royal Château of Blois is that it was built over four historical periods. Over the centuries, it saw an impressive number of kings, queens and illustrious figures. The HistoPad is a really useful way to explore this historical wealth. In addition to a 3D rendition of the château throughout the four periods of building, it immerses you in the past through historical recreations as accurate and detailed as they are easy to access. 

Via the application, you can handle objects, see art works up close, and become an expert in decors, customs of past centuries and the life of kings and their courts! Discover the ‘invisible’ features which no longer exist today, concealed behind a wall or impossible to spot with the naked eye. Simply drag your finger across the screen and travel back to the 16th century to the chambers of Louis XII’s wing, to the kitchen in François I’s wing or the State Room. A trip through time!


At the Royal Château of Amboise, discover buildings that no longer exist today

Would you like to discover the Royal Château of Amboise in a new way? HistoPad presents a 3D recreation of loggia, decors and more. On the screen, masterpieces which are presently scattered throughout the museums of the world are restored to their original place in the rooms of the castle. Scenes from the life of the French court unfold before you.

Illustrious and lesser-known guests return to the State Room, the symbol of royal power, where monarchs received their court and held council.

Discover also the outside of the château as it appeared in past centuries. Numerous 16th-century buildings, dating from the age of Catherine de Medici, have disappeared today and been replaced by gardens. They magically reappear on the tablet and provide a totally new vision of the site.


Travel back to the 11th century in Loches !

The Royal City of Loches transports you back to the 11th century. Nine rooms have been recreated in the three towers of the citadel. A passageway to the bishops’ cells takes you five hundred years back in time. Dive into the heart of the 15th century with a visit to the Guard Room or the Duke of Alençon’s cell. Travel further back to the 11th century in the keep, when the site was still made up of different levels.

On the HistoPad, the furnishings and decors of the cellar, the Grande Salle and the counts’ chamber come to life before your eyes!

Another highlight of this ‘augmented tour’ is the recreation of the 1205 siege in the château court. John Lackland, King of England was besieged here by King Philippe-Augustus of France for one year! See the siege as the English experienced it and discover how many places still bear the marks of battle today.


An initiation in medieval weaponry at the Royal Fortress of Chinon

The Royal Fortress of Chinon offers you an immersive, 3D panoramic dive into eight rooms restored to their original 13th or 15th-century condition. Among them, the room of La Reconnaissance, the Guard Room and the King’s kitchens. Take advantage of an ‘augmented’ presentation of the collections on exhibit in certain rooms. 

If you are passionate about history and interested in weaponry, the tablet will allow you to handle devices and artillery dating from the period in 3D. Mangonel, catapult, cannon, and more…augmented reality gives you a wonderful insight into the specificities and uses of these bygone weapons !

As you can see, the HistoPad invites you to discover the historical, architectural and heritage riches of the Loire châteaux in a new way. For your next visit, try a new interactive experience and travel back in time! Open your tablet and dive into history!

Note :

Visiting the Loire châteaux with kids? Children can take part in a treasure hunt! Their goal is to collect gold coins and other objects hidden within the virtual decors. A fun, interactive way to visit the châteaux!

Château de Chambord © Léonard de Serres
Chambord - Leonard de Serres
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Park and garden
Château of Chambord
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Royal Château of Blois
The royal chateau of Amboise - France
Léonard de Serres
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Park and garden
Royal Château of Amboise
The Royal City of Loches - Keep and royal residence - Chateau de Loches
Stevens Frémont CD37
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Park and garden
Royal City of Loches
Jean-Christophe COUTAND MEHEUT
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Royal Fortress of Chinon
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