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The summer and autumn give plenty of opportunities to breathe in lots of fresh air among the lakes of Puisaye. The Briare Canal gîte welcomes you and your family for an extended weekend or even a week, so that you can unwind in an enchanted setting.

The Briare Canal guest house is ideally located in a hamlet of five houses, including one with a lock, 3 km from the village of Ouzouer-sur-Trézée and 10 km from Briare. This converted post office offers a range of activities so you can disconnect from your everyday life.

Fancy a walk around at a gentle pace? Starting from the guest house, embark on one of many marked hiking tours to discover the fauna and flora of Puisaye. Season permitting, go and pick mushrooms to give a final touch to your dinner, or relax on the banks of the Chesnoy, Gazonne or Fichus lakes and fish, read or rest in a deck chair…

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On a bicycle …

Listen to the sounds of nature: do you hear the birdsong, the water in the nearby weir? Mount your bikes and explore the peaceful towpath which follows the Véloroute up to Rogny-les-7-écluses. The Scandibérique Véloroute also starts on the doorstep of the guest house – an “Accueil Vélo” accredited holiday let – and allows you to reach the Loire à Vélo. You can also go off the beaten track and discover the countryside along small country paths. Your hosts, Réjane and Bertrand are true connoisseurs of the region and cycle regularly themselves and they will be delighted to share their tips with you.

Pedalling along the Briare Canal

We ride along the canal and take the time to observe the unspoilt countryside all around us. Over the water, we can spot flowers such as wild weasel’s snouts or yellow irises. A little further on, a glimpse of a barge moving along the canal. Then, as we approach a lock, a tree-lined pond reveals – a delight for the eyes if ever there was one!

As we reach the Gazonne lock, we stop and take the time to enjoy the relaxing landscape of the Gazonne pond. There is a couple of swans asleep in the centre with their heads folded into their wings.

Stroll along the towpath of the canal and you will come across majestic barges steered by courteous sailors who will not fail to greet you with a friendly wave of the hand.

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At the foot of the 7 locks, we are thrown back in time. We can imagine the excitement that reigned here when the boats passed up and down this stone ladder, and the horses and towers.

We resume your trip along this grassy route through the countryside of Puisaye, as calm as ever, as far as La Bussière. The red-brick château comes gradually into view…

La Bussière, its château and guest house

We leave our bikes in the shade of the privet hedge reserved for visitors on bikes.

We are about to live a special moment in this place steeped in history! In the château, you will discover the story behind one gentleman’s passion for freshwater fishing, as well as his unique collection of popular art and objects, displayed alongside family furniture. In the vegetable garden, immerse yourself in this unique universe, where flowers, vegetables and fruit are grown using natural techniques.

Nature will be at the heart of your visit: the château, the park, the vegetable garden, the pond. The château is even set on a beautiful pond, giving it an irresistible charm.

Stroll along the shady walkways of the park designed in the 17th century by André Le Nôtre. Then walk through a vast 18th-century vegetable garden that is cultivated naturally. Discover the fruit trees, the medicinal plants, the hundred varieties of roses and vegetable patches… Let yourself be guided by nature itself on this journey involving all the senses, and changing with the seasons.

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We grab hold of our handlebars to continue our journey through this silent and soothing nature, a true haven of peace.

We make the most of our hosts’ bucolic garden with its trees to relax: there could be no better place to have a break and take it easy. What a pleasure it is to enjoy this moment of peace and quiet and watch the sun setting on the horizon and reflecting onto the peaceful waters of the canal, before going to dine in a village restaurant!

Sunday is market day! The market is ideally located on the banks of the canal, so we can stock up on vitamins and local produce. In the village square, stalls mingle as the grocers’ and producer of farm products (pork, eggs, goat cheese) set up side by side. The products may be essential, but everything is appetizing and tasty and it is enough to whet your appetite and stock up on energy for the afternoon bike ride.


Do you fancy fishing in a peaceful setting? Ouzouer-sur-Trézée has the largest fishing estate in the Loiret and the guest house is at the centre of this fishermen’s paradise. Bertrand, a fisher himself, will tell you the best places to catch roaches. The guest house also holds the label of “fishing accommodation”.

 A weekend of peace and quiet and activities to unwind very quickly!

On the practical side, the canal guest house is open all year round and can be booked online. On your next trip, don’t forget your fishing rods or consider renting a boat without a licence: another way to discover the Scandibérique!

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The South-East of the Loiret has been my favourite region for many years. I live in the Puisaye and enjoy its scenery and colours. I love walking and cycling along the banks of the Loire and the Briare Canal.

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