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This isn’t just your average stroll ! To relax and recharge your batteries, why not take a walk along a path that’s not like the others, the Barefoot Path created by Loisirs Loire Valley in Chouzy-sur-Cisse, right next to Blois.

Walking barefoot

For this unusual, unique activity in the Loire Valley region, you don't need any special equipment, it's not complicated! Come with family or friends, a towel to clean your feet before you head home (yup, it's a good idea!) and you're ready to go. The “Nature & Freedom” Barefoot Path provides the opportunity to recentre yourself and even meditate, while you walk barefoot on pinecones, bark, sand, pebbles... Sensations guaranteed.
Take the time to contemplate nature and listen to the birds while you walk along slowly, in order to better feel and be one with the elements. Young and old can also test their balancing skills in dedicated areas. This approximately 1-kilometre path is meant to be walked barefoot. “Slow and steady wins the race,” to quote a famous author.

Learn while having fun

Plantar reflexology workshops are also available (on reservation). This technique of manually stimulating the sole of the foot helps the body return to its state of critical balance. It will allow you to reach profound well-being. It's a simple relaxation process, which you can do as a family when you return home once you have learnt the basics during this workshop. Because as everyone knows, the entire human body is represented on the sole of the foot! Crazy, right?

Spending more time there

Loisirs Loire Valley

Do you have sensitive feet? Is the Barefoot Path not right for you? Loisirs Loire Valley offers a wide range of activities. You’re spoilt for choice – from the air or on the water with Apéro’Bato, perfect for remaking the world, archery, bubble football or treasure hunts.

If one day doesn’t seem like enough, why not stay a bit longer at Domain of La Pepinière ? Guest rooms are available on site, where you can stay in a magnificent, calm, verdant setting. And if you still have time left, the châteaux are right next door!

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Barefoot footpath - Loisirs Loire Valley
Isabelle A. Comité Régional du Tourisme Centre-Val de Loire

I have always lived in the area around Orléans. I love the art of living in my region and I indulge without holding back!

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