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Hiking in Seillant, in the Val d’Anglin

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To the south of the Brenne Regional Nature park, Seillant is a little corner of paradise in Chaillac, where you can follow the meandering Anglin in the heart of nature. It’s an ideal spot for some family time in the country. A refreshing change of scene, especially on a hot summer’s day. And on top of that, it’s an outing which costs nothing!

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Hiking in the countryside of Val d’Anglin

The whole family sets off for a day of fresh air on a beautiful summer morning. We park near the ruins of the Château of Brosse, and with our backpacks and packed lunch, we head off to discover the ‘Gorges de l’Anglin’ hiking trail. The children look out for the blue signposting along the trail and act as our guides. The small hamlet with its flat-tiled roofs disappears behind us little by little. The trail takes us deeper into the trees and we soon see the river.


The gentle lapping of the water mingles with melodious birdsong. Under the shade of the trees, we walk along the banks of the Anglin. Piles of rock form the riverbed, which remains shallow in the summer. We stroll leisurely along the water’s edge, while the children delight in crossing the river, sometimes with a footbridge. The fresh smell of the underwood fills the air, and dragonflies dance on the surface of the water.


We have a picnic on the grass with local products from Val d’Anglin

The Moulin de Seillant is an ideal spot for a well-deserved picnic. This former watermill is now home to a gîte for groups.

Florence Constant

 So, what’s on the menu? The homemade Pouligny Saint-Pierre cake is hit with the kids. There’s also chicken or carp rillettes. Delicious! Water and apple juice to quench their thirst. And for the grown-ups? We enjoy this family moment over a glass of Reuilly! The setting is beautiful with an amazing view. The little Roman bridge which crosses the river reminds us of an Impressionist painting, but instead of paint and an easel, we make do with a photo. Time stands still here.

Florence Constant

Relax at the water’s edge in the Val d’Anglin

Let’s stay a little longer here. What a lovely idea, stretched out in the grass on the water’s edge, eyes closed and listening to the silence… well, almost… our friends the insects and birds, which we can’t always identify, perform a bucolic concert! Everyone enjoys this moment of calm. The sun’s rays reach through the leaves to warm our cheeks. Right, enough rest, it’s time to move on. The trail starts to climb and leads us away from the river.

Florence Constant

The sky opens up and we find ourselves on a country path. Rooftops emerge gradually and the ruins of the Brosse fortress finally come into view. The children are tired but their happy faces say it all – a great day! This ten-mile hike in the Val d’Anglin is a very pleasant trail to explore alone or with the family. A real break from everyday life. There’s nothing like a breath of country air to lift your spirits! Definitely to be repeated.



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Moulin de Seillant
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Moulin de Seillant
Moulin de Seillant
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Moulin de Seillant
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Florence loves going on walks with her family to discover the Brenne. Getting as close to nature as possible is her ideal way of unwinding.

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