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The area around Chartres Cathedral is just calling you to give into temptation for a day. Take a stroll, check out thrift stores, and discover new surprises. Just let yourself be guided by this delightful, curious place and you’ll stumble across décor treasures. Wander down one of the streets and you’ll get design or creative ideas from a carefully curated shop window or the effervescent charm of a boutique. It’s paradise for lovers of art and design!


Discover the antiques and interior design stores in Chartres

A whole world is there for the curious to explore in the space of two streets. First, you will encounter the refined and astute foodie, Etienne Thuriet, and his antique store in a former print shop.


La caverne d'Ali Baba

Paintings, furniture, knick-knacks, gold- and silverware, every precious item sourced by the antiques expert... Your eye is constantly drawn to the stunning and surprising objects that fill the elegant Caverne d'Ali Baba to the rafters.


Les Ateliers Généraux

Heading towards Place des Halles, with the cathedral's towers still in sight, you will come across Les Ateliers Généraux. Step inside, and you could just as well be in Brussels or Ostend, with the industrial-chic décor full of cosy charm. But you're absolutely, undeniably, in the heart of Chartres.

👉 Chartres Tourism – Tourist Office of Chartres Urban Area

Treasures featuring the iconic cathedral

The cathedral's silhouette from a unique angle captures the philosophy of this place. It's also the signature of the creator who runs this spot with her husband. Cushions, pouches and lampshades, all bearing the iconic cathedral from a different perspective. Everything here inspires and places the visitor under a gentle spell, including delightful scented candles and furniture with strong lines.

⛪ Chartres Cathedral

Next on the list, the establishment run by the Lassaussois family: a delicate, eclectic, fair and curious antiques dealer, serious but with a good sense of humour.


Here, not only will you find good taste and a lovely manner, but always something unexpected as well. Surprises await, both in terms of the quality of the items and the values of the owner, against the comforting backdrop of an old-fashioned house.


Tapissier Design

Continue strolling down Rue du Soleil d’Or and take a moment to stop in at the rugs and décor store. The boutique Tapissier Design Décoration may seem small, but other rooms are hidden inside, where the owner's creations are on display as well as pretty, minimalist yet inviting Scandinavian design pieces and a multitude of unexpected knick-knacks.


Le Comptoir des couleurs

A few steps on, you can find a whole range of upholstery fabric and wallpaper at Comptoir des Couleurs. All the most prestigious brands are stocked there, in a professional, welcoming atmosphere.


Bonjour Bonheur

Then, if you cross the road (and you definitely should!), another enchanting store awaits, whose name sums up the spirit of these Chartres streets: Bonjour Bonheur (Hello Happiness). In this little boutique, you'll find an inventive, welcoming creator. Take a look at the bags and little everyday objects revisited and revised with her cheerful, cheeky eye.


Antiquités Vangeon

Keep going a little further and on Rue Sainte-Même, next to a simple yet creative hat store, step into the Antiquités Vangeon store. Here you'll discover understatedly charming small pieces of furniture and refined, delicate trinkets against the backdrop of simple, tidy décor, like an English village.

In the space of two streets, five minutes from Chartres Cathedral, you can dive into a multitude of worlds through the pieces curated by antiques dealers.

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I made Chartres my home 20 years ago and as a foodie and history-lover, I couldn't be happier with the quality of life on offer in the city and surrounding area, with cafes, restaurants, delicious treats and a packed cultural calendar at the theatre and museums. Not to mention the cathedral, next to which I am lucky enough to live and work.

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