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Dive into the art of gardening with three remarkable spots in the heart of the valleys in Pays Fort, Sancerre

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Come on a journey to discover three gardens featuring the “Remarkable Garden” label, located in a region that features romantic, natural beauty, as well as incredible gastronomy and prestigious vineyards.
Although you can visit these three places in one day, as they are close to each other, I’d advise taking a full weekend to enjoy the culture and have plenty of time to stroll. You will recharge your batteries on this getaway, only two hours from the south of Paris.

The Park of the Château of Jussy

The Park of the Château of Jussy was designed between 1830 and 1850 by an important landscape gardener, who created more than 300 parks in France and overseas. The original design has been conserved on site.
You will immediately fall in love with the elegant 17th-century château, made of brick and stone, surrounded by a moat filled by the Craon river and featuring topiary yew trees, rose bushes and ramblers. The traces of the old park are still visible, with the lines of old lime trees, waterside avenue and huge plane trees. You will love wandering along the pathways winding through the fields, which offer lovely views on the château and surrounding area.
Get ready for a delightful, romantic stroll. There’s a good chance you might bump into the owner, who takes meticulous care of his family heritage.

Getting closer to Sancerre, the famous vineyard provides a breath-taking panorama. Don’t miss exploring the medieval city, perched on its peak. As well as amazing sights to see, you can also become the expert on Sancerre wines and their oh-so-special fruity aromas. There’s no shortage of places to eat well on this weekend! As for accommodation, if you want to stay close to nature, you can choose between a delightful guest room at Marie’s Garden or the refined gite at the Château of Pesselières.

© Jalognes - château de Pesselières

Marie’s Garden

A few kilometres from the Sancerre vineyards, nestled on a plunging piece of land that’s classic for the Berry region, you will find Marie’s Garden. This park spreads across 2 hectares and is entirely naturally maintained. Get ready to discover many rose bushes and ramblers, a collection of viburnums, and various perennials and flower bulbs, as well as a vegetable garden and an orchard. In summer, enjoy the hydrangeas, black-eyed-susans, lilies of the nile, daylilies, coneflowers, beeblossoms, grasses and aquatic plants around the pond. Of course, autumn has its own surprises, with many other plants blooming. You might have guessed that Marie is passionate about gardening and a plant fanatic! She has a charming, colourful personality and can provide excellent advice on planting in all seasons. You are sure to leave with a few ideas for your own garden.

Garden of Pesselières

For your third garden tour, we would like to invite you on another romantic stroll, in a lovely, calm place full of serenity. It’s a peaceful garden haven, preserved and developed by owner Pascal Fontanille, simply out of the pleasure of sharing his passion.

This romantic park is part of the Château of Pesselières, which was the Earl Marshals of Sancerre’s residence from the 14th to the 18th century. There is the source of a charming river there, which runs through the gardens. On your stroll, enjoy the remarkable trees, avenue of 300-year-old box trees and topiary, tree tunnel labyrinth, Iris’ collection and the secret wooded gardens. A trail along the riverside is dedicated to discovering the flora and fauna, as the park has been managed organically since 2007. The orchard and flower-filled vegetable garden, set within walls, were carefully restored just recently. In this delightful countryside setting, you will love seeing the patterns of shadows on the vegetable planters.

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Michèle Association des Parcs et Jardins Région Centre-Val de Loire

As a delegate to the Association des Parcs et Jardins en région Centre-Val de Loire, I am constantly in touch with the owners and managers of public and private parks and gardens of our region. Come and discover them with me and dive straight into the heart of this green heritage. The Loire Valley is generally considered one of the regions with the best gardens and this is what I wish to share with you, garden lovers and botanists.

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