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Discover tasty treats in Touraine, near the Royal City of Loches

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Feel like a delicious getaway only a few kilometres away from Tours? Head to southern Touraine for a flavourful road trip that your tastebuds will thank you for.

Monastic treats

First stop, Cormery. This little town located south of Tours is famous for its macarons. And they come in surprising shapes. Here, no ganache, instead the macaron is in the shape of a ring… or a belly button! There are a number of legends behind this unusual look. Whether it was a ring that fell in the mixture, or the mark left by the belly button of a monk who fell asleep on top of the dough – you can choose! We push open the door of Vrais Macarons de Cormery (“The True Macarons of Cormery”). At this bakery, you can take a bite of history – their macarons are the oldest in France.

We leave with a delicious souvenir and stroll through this village, located on the banks of the Indre. The impressive abbey watches over everything. From the outside, we can see an extremely well preserved cloister. It’s a peaceful place.

Sport-lovers, you might be interested to know that the Indre à Vélo runs through here. For those less interested in exercise, the little town is also home to a local brewery. It’s no doubt the legacy of the monks 😊

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Louroux: plenty of nature and a remarkable restaurant

We leave the abbey to head to the Table du Prieuré in Louroux. Chef Pierre Drouineau’s philosophy has drawn us to his restaurant. The menu is created “according to what nature offers us”. It’s a great principle that we would like to see more often! Delighted with this lunch break, we explore the village. Some people are relaxing by the water, enjoying the shade from trees and the freshness of the lake. Others are putting their bird-spotting skills to the test. The most curious are walking along the interpretation trail. We learn that Delacroix painted this place – next time we’ll have to take a “People who painted Touraine” road trip. I sense another lovely weekend on the horizon!

The iconic Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine

Time to hit the road again. We’re heading off in search of Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine, the classic Touraine cheese. Claire and Sébastien let us come behind the scenes on their farm. Here, you don’t mess with the cycle of nature. The Cabri au Lait farm is the real deal, certified with the Nature and Progress label (the Rolls Royce of organic labels). We continue our tour into the garden, where various aromatic plants are grown. They are harvested and dried to be turned into herbal teas, floral waters or jams.

We finish our day at the 4-star Château of Laroche-Ploquin. We enjoy the grounds and swimming pool at this true haven of peace. An excellent dinner tops off this day spent with friends.

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A morning with Frédéric Renard, Master Chocolate-Maker

The next day, we go and see Frédéric Renard, Master Chocolate-Maker at Cadeau et Chocolat. There, various workshops are offered working with this delicate substance, in line with the DIY craze. Like the big kids we are, we decide to make some funny little figurines. With plenty of advice from Frédéric, we manage to succeed in our effort. In case anyone was wondering, the best part is that you get to take the fruits of your labours home!

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Loches: a heritage-filled, delicious destination

We head to Loches to get stuck into local delicacies. Tucked away in a lovely pedestrian-only street that leads to the château, we grab a table at Loire en Tonneaux for lunch. They have it all – wine, cheese, rillettes… The essence of Touraine in a mouthful.

We stroll down to the impressive Royal Gate, which marks the entrance to the fortified city. As we walk forward, we go back in time. In a few strides, we’ve left the Renaissance streets and teleported to the Middle Ages. There’s something for everyone here. Are you more a fan of gardens and paintings? Stop at Lansyer House and Museum (another stop for our future themed road trip!). Are you more into architectural heritage and the history of France? Keep going to the Royal Residence and Dungeon.

When we reach the lower part of town, we are propelled out of this break in the time-space continuum. Gorgeous boutiques from independent brands return us to the modern world and invite us to do a bit of shopping. Then, we come across the little terrace at Chez Angelo, where we can’t resist enjoying a delicate glass of Valpolicella. One last “cheers!” between friends!

A beautiful end to the weekend at Clos aux Roses in Chédigny

It’s (already) time to head to Chédigny, the Remarkable Garden. One last gastronomic stop before going back to Tours – we have dinner at Clos aux Roses with the young and talented Chef Armelle Kraus at the helm. Is there a better way to finish this delicious getaway? We still don’t know, but we’re open to any propositions!

Abbaye Saint Paul de Cormery
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Royal City of Loches
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Whether heading for an excursion in my local area or to the other side of the world, my bag is always packed and ready for a jaunt. I have made Loches my home and I love discovering wonderful places in Touraine, whether on day trips or for the weekend!

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