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There is nothing more enjoyable than to follow your whims and get carried away by places, atmospheres and people… let me tell you about my adventure in Langeais.

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Crossing the Loire and a marvellous surprise

Having deviated from my initial route, I keep moving forward and spot the bridge. I draw closer, hesitate, then decide to cross it. It’s a majestic bridge with arched piers topped with turrets. I’m amazed to find myself over the Loire, the river I didn’t think I would see as I wandered off my course.

I continue as far as Langeais. From a distance, I can make out the half-medieval, half-Renaissance castle.

👉 Visiter le château
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It’s getting late, I decide to stay here tonight and wait until tomorrow. But where should I go? I head to the centre of town, it's 5pm and I arrive at the Touraine Nature Tourist Office. I receive a warm welcome. Isabelle guides me to a guest house, La Vie Voyage. It’s exactly what I’m looking for. She also tells me where to find a crêperie, I’m dying for a pancake! OK, so I’m sorted for tonight. We’ll see what tomorrow has in store... 

👉Découvrir les chambres d'hôtes de La Vie Voyage
© La Vie Voyage - OT Touraine Nature

Getting cosy in a quaint guest house

Marie-Ange welcomes me to her guest house. She is just perfect: friendly and charming but not invasive. She shows me to my room, ‘Instant suspendu’, (or ‘Suspended Moment’), which is exactly what I feel. I’m comfortable here. The decor is amazing, the paintings by Sarah Lavoine are simply beautiful, as is the bed head. If someone had told me I was going to find Sarah Lavoine in Langeais, I wouldn’t have believed them.  

Stepping into the shoes of Anne of Brittany…and consuming local

Getting going in the morning is difficult, I really want to make the most of the day, but the pastries are irresistible and I can hear the drawbridge being lowered. It’s time to visit the château.

For two hours, I’m going to step into Anne of Brittany’s shoes and relive her marriage to Charles VIII. Her story is told to me with passion and fervour. It’s so realistic, I can see myself devouring a dish at the banquet table.

This visit has whetted my appetite and I head enthusiastically to the Graines de Loire grocery shop. I’ve recently moved to zero waste and reasoned consumption so I’m keen to discover this restaurant-shop, which is a little outside of the town but well worth the detour. Their selection is reasonably priced and above all delicious. The atmosphere is peaceful and relaxed, exactly what I need before taking to the road again.

I’m heading for other adventures, as equally rich as this one, I hope…



Château of Langeais and its park - Loire Valley, France.
JB Rabouan
from 10€
  • Accueil vélo - Bikes welcome
Park and garden
Château of Langeais and its park
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  • Accueil vélo - Bikes welcome
Establishment's touring organisations
Touraine Nature Tourist Office
Products on sale
Wine house of Bourgueil in Langeais
© Marie-Ange Benoit
  • Accueil vélo - Bikes welcome
castles and prestigious accomodation
La vie voyage
Restaurant Graines de Loire
  • Organic
Traditional cuisine
Restaurant Graines de Loire

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