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A weekend away from it all at the Château of La Bussière and the Arboretum des Grandes Bruyères

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A weekend getaway, far from the city and in the heart of nature, is an excellent idea at any time of the year. The Loiret offers a host of opportunities to unwind and enjoy the country air. From parks to botanical gardens, treat yourself to a quick and alluring getaway. There are beautiful nature spots waiting to be discovered throughout the department and all just a few minutes from Paris. For those hot, sunny days, we recommend a visit to two outstanding gardens, the Arboretum des Grandes Bruyères and the gardens of the Château of La Bussière!

L’arboretum des Grandes Bruyères

Make your first stop at the Arboretum des Grandes Bruyères, which lies 25km east of Orléans. In the heart of the Orléans forest, discover a haven of peace and greenery. After your car journey there, begin by stretching your legs with a full tour of the garden and immerse yourself in its biodiversity. This ecological park boasts a particularly relaxing atmosphere. The spectacular collection of plants is tended to without any chemical products and in strict respect for the environment.

L’arboretum des Grandes Bruyères

JF. Grossin

The visit begins in the French garden, with its sculpted yews and boxwoods, and leads you to an arbour covered in scented roses and clematis. This shaded walk presents a collection of some 6,500 plants and shrubs, originating from the temperate climates of Europe, North American and the Far East. Blending discreetly into the forest, the Chinese and American arboretums are organised according to both the geographical origin of the plants and their shape and flowering, to compose a landscape of wonderful harmonies. Exciting discoveries of rare plants await you along restful grassy pathways.

The image of the spectacular world of nature that is the Arboretum des Grandes Bruyères will remain with you long after your visit, like an enduring source of beauty and tranquillity.

The garden of the Château of La Bussière

About one hour from the Arboretum des Grandes Bruyères, the garden of the Château of La Bussière and the passion of its owners will be another highlight of your weekend.

Discover an estate which is still inhabited and furnished, and home to a remarkable collection of artworks on freshwater fishing. An outstanding example of 17th-century redbrick architecture, the Château of La Bussière is surrounded by a 6-hectare lake and a vast park designed by Le Nôtre.

The garden of the Château of La Bussière

Château de La Bussière

One of the most surprising features of the La Bussière is its large vegetable garden, tended to naturally and which has conserved its original 18th-century design. Trellised fruit trees, herbs and medicinal plants, heirloom vegetables, perennials and numerous roses, in addition to succulent red fruit ripe for the picking.

The pleasure of a flower garden combined with a vegetable harvest creates a gentle harmony of textures and colours. At summer sunset, the last rays of the sun play with the reds of the fruit, bathing them in a last touch of coppery warmth. A wonderful spot to watch the sun go down.

Kids can enjoy a fun educational tour, along an itinerary punctuated with cabins and enigmas. A picnic is also a must after your taste buds have been tempted by the array of vegetables.

Top off your visit with a night at the gîte of the Château of La Bussière.   

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As a delegate to the Association des Parcs et Jardins en région Centre-Val de Loire, I am constantly in touch with the owners and managers of public and private parks and gardens of our region. Come and discover them with me and dive straight into the heart of this green heritage. The Loire Valley is generally considered one of the regions with the best gardens and this is what I wish to share with you, garden lovers and botanists.

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