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How about a country weekend in Perche Vendômois?

Get away from the hectic city and enjoy the country air.

This isn’t just any countryside we’re talking about, it’s THE countryside, the one in postcards and leafy childhood memories…

Welcome to the Bois Neuf farm in Chapelle-Vicomtesse! Your POD cabin awaits you, nestled in the heart of the Perche countryside, on a family-run farm.

Virginie will guide you to your accommodation, your cosy cocoon for the weekend. Your kids will love this! A cabin for the 4 of you, where your only neighbours are chickens, cows, ducks and frogs.


La Ferme du Bois Neuf

Vendôme Tourisme

Immerse yourself in farm life at Bois Neuf

Create your own herbarium, set off on a hike, or discover the life of the farm animals.

Virginie’s husband, Nicolas, takes over to guide you on a tour of their dairy farm.

A must for your kids! Meeting animals and observing them is always a great experience.

Here, the children can even feed the veal calves themselves.

The visit finishes with a workshop, where you can make fresh cream. Imagine your next meal with friends, as you serve a dish made with fresh cream, you can say ‘I made it myself’!

Speaking of meals, the kids are having so much fun they forgot about snack time.

Vendôme Tourisme
Vendôme Tourisme

Before the evening meal, we have a fun family moment around a board game on the patio, with birdsong and an occasional frog croak providing the background soundtrack.

Dinner takes the form of a picnic on the patio of the cabin with produce straight from the farm shop.

The evening is spent star-gazing under a dreamlike sky.

Discover the Maison Botanique de Boursay and late nature inspire you

After a night of starry dreams and a leisurely breakfast, head for Boursay, just a few kilometres from the cabin. Get ready for some unusual discoveries along the Chemin de Trognes at the Maison Botanique de Boursay, a 3km walk suitable for even the youngest walkers. Fans of geocaching can hunt for a well-hidden cache along the way.

Time for some much-deserved comfort after all that effort! Just cross the road and take a seat at the café-cum-antique shop, ‘Il était une fois’. For lunch or snacks, you’ll find something delicious for everyone among their choice of local products.


Les trognes

D. Commenchal - CRT Centre-Val de Loire
Vendôme Tourisme

Walk, run, cycle, sail or swim at the Villiers-sur-Loir leisure park   
A more sporting day awaits you today. Cycling and stand-up paddle at Villiers-sur-Loir - the spot to be for a relaxing family day outdoors. This lake nestled in a leafy backdrop has received the ‘Pavillion Bleu’ certification for its clean water several years running. 


Laurent Savignac

You can choose between a short 2km walk around the lake, an initiation to stand-up paddle, fun with a pedal boat, a refreshing swim on the supervised bathing side or a cycle ride to Vendôme along the St Jacques cycle track.  

Stéphane Thévenet

Why choose? You have plenty of time to try everything! You can even fit in a picnic on the water's edge. What’s in the picnic basket today? A goat’s cheese, ‘Le Trèfle’ and lentil salad with a lemon and saffron dressing, from the local producer at La Chapelle Vicomtesse (a short walk from the cabin).   
Speaking of saffron it’s a good idea to return in autumn, when the saffron is harvested. Take a guided tour and discover the secrets of this spice.  

Your stay has come to an end. But you are already planning the next one…in the beautiful region of Perche Vendômois! Visit in the autumn, when the country colours are magnificent!


Practical information

This immersive experience at the Bois Neuf farm is possible all year round. Prices for one night in the POD cabin range from €82 to €90, according to the season and number of guests. Contact Virginie at La Ferme du Bois Neuf for more information on your next activity-filled stay in the heart of Vendôme’s nature.

Rental stand-up paddle: €10/hour and pedal boat: €15/hour

Corinne Vendôme Tourisme

Corinne has 3 children and loves having a relaxing time in nature and having picnics of delicious local produce by the river.

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